What made me want to join the Journalism program?

Since I discovered my passion for photography in elementary school, I always wanted to be a professional photographer. The idea of being a photographer intrigued me but I always had that thought that it wasn’t a realistic career because becoming a well-known photographer would be really hard to achieve.

As I grew older, I developed a habit and passion for writing. I started off writing fan fictions — fictional story about a well known figure like a celebrity or popular character in a movie, book, etc. I continued to write over the years and eventually got over 11,000 readers on one of my fan fictions. There was always something about writing stories that I enjoyed. It helped me get away whatever I was going through and allowed me to live in my own little world.

Going into journalism wasn’t my idea at first. My mother had seen my photography work and read my stories. She had told me that I was good at both and that I should look into going into journalism. I thought about it and said, “Why not?”

When time came around to apply to post secondary, I applied to the Journalism program at Humber College and only that program. I was either going to get it or not get in. So when I was accepted, I was relieved.

I went into the program not knowing what to expect and was still unsure if this is what I really wanted or not. So, I started the program in September 2014 and I’m still currently in it. I’ve learned a lot and met so many wonderful people.

So basically, my mom is the reason I’m in the program. She recommended journalism and I ended up enjoying it.



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