By: Kylie Vaillancourt

In a staff report released on Nov. 17, the TTC has announced that there will be a ten cent fare hike in ridership fares coming 2017.

Starting Jan. 1, the token and presto fares will rise to $3, the weekly pass to $43.75 and the monthly pass to $146.25.

This will be the sixth consecutive year that the transit company has increased fares.

But there will be a fare freeze in 2018.

At the budget meeting, dozens of riders had showed up holding “stop the race to the bottom” signs.

TTC CEO, Andy Byford told 680NEWS that he understands how the public feels about the fare rise and that it was something that they didn’t recommend. He said they even looked at every possible option before even considering a fare rise.

Toronto twitter users took it to social media to unleash their opinions and disapproval of the fare hike:

Based on results of ridership in 2015, the 2016 ridership was budgeted at 553 million rides. At this point in the year, the ridership was less than what was predicted at between 540 to 545 million so the 2017 ridership budget was set for 545 million rides. Although it is lower than this years budget it will represent a one per cent growth.

The increase in fare prices is estimated to generate an additional $27 million in revenue, which would reduce the $99 million budget shortfall accumulated this year.

After the vote, TTC Chair Josh Colle told reporters that the decision to raise fares “really sucks” but due to financial pressure facing the transit agency, it was unavoidable.

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON Humber News on Dec. 7

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